April 28, 2011

Kusafiri Bakery in the Animal Kingdom

One of my favorite things to do while in the Animal Kingdom is to visit the Kusafiri Bakery. During my last trip my friend Shawn (a fellow Travel Agent) and I decided that we needed to join forces and try out a couple of the cupcakes. If we cut them in half then we could enjoy two desserts not just one! Great thinking right?  In this photo I am pointing to what I had enjoyed on an earlier visit and really wanted to have again...a Brownie Paw!
When you walk up to the bakery you will see a display case of what they have to offer. Well, it is kind of what they have to offer...the items in the case are not real as the real products would melt in the Orlando heat! Pictured here is the Zebra Cupcake (yellow cake with buttercream icing and chocolate shavings),White Chocolate Elephant Cupcake (chocolate cake filled with chocolate cream and topped with a light buttercream and toasted coconut), Brownie Paw (brownie topped with Chocolate fudge and buttercream), Danish and Cinnamon Roll. The next question I always have is will the "real food" look as good as the fake food?
The answer is yes! We decided to split a White Chocolate Elephant Cupcake and a Brownie Paw.
You may be asking which one did we enjoy the most?
The Brownie Paw without question! We ate every morsel (Which can't be said of the White Chocolate Elephant Cupcake with which we were a little disappointed in.). Talk about yummy chocolate goodness!

April 18, 2011

Bringing The Magic Back Home

Did you ever wish you could bring some of the magic back home with you after a trip to the Magic Kingdom but wanted to bring back something a little different then the regular souvenir?  My friend Char brought some magic home with her and gave it to me! :)
This is a loaf of sourdough bread that is shaped like Mickey Mouse! She brought it all the way back from Disneyland as she wanted to share some of the magic that she experienced with me! It was such a welcome and yummy surprise!  She also brought me back a trading pin!
I won't be trading this pin as I just love it!  Thanks so much Char! :)

April 16, 2011

Castaway Club Member Gift

Once you sail with the Disney Cruise Line you automatically become a Castaway Club Member.  Castaway Club Members receive a few fun perks, and perks are always nice! On our Mexican Rivera Cruise on the Disney Wonder I was thrilled to see a surprise waiting for me in our stateroom!
It was a gift for being a Castaway Club member and returning to enjoy another cruise with the Disney Cruise Line.
At first I was just thrilled to receive the bag as I thought that was a great gift all on it's own. Imagine my surprise when I picked up the bag and realized there were things waiting for me to discover inside!
Inside the bag  was rice krispie treats in the shape of flip flops, two drinking containers and a fun key chain. Yes, I was a happy Castaway Club member to be sure! I also received a lanyard that stated that I was a Castaway Club member when we checked in, but I guess I was just too excited about these goodies to include it in the photo. 

There are three different levels in the Castaway Club. They are: Silver Castaway (1-4 cruises sailed)  Gold Castaway ( 5-9 cruises sailed) and Platinum Castaway (10 + cruises sailed). There are different perks or benefits for each level. I am not at the Platinum Level yet...but what a goal! :) 

April 11, 2011

Adventures Away Deck Party Aboard The Disney Wonder

Today's Magical Memory Monday's post is about the Adventures Away Deck Party aboard the Disney Wonder that was held before we left port in Los Angeles. We were heading for the Mexican Rivera and the excitement was  building!

Little wands with red tinsel were handed out to the children (Okay, I will admit it.... I had one too!). The Disney Characters came out and we joined along and waved our tinsel wands with them.
The Characters and Crew Members danced and sang and started the cruise off in style.
Toward the end of the party white streamers were shot out over the crowd. The Adventures Away Deck Party is a fantastic way to celebrate the beginning of the cruise.  You can feel the expectations of a fun 
cruise in the air. 

Later when we were walking along the deck we noticed some of the white streamers had gotten blown against one of the funnels next to deck party area. This made me smile. It made me realize that just like the  streamers reminded me of the party it was only the beginning of the experiences that I would have on this cruise and the memories that would be made!